Here at Orange Sky we have a simple formula; to provide a place for all Kiwis doing it tough to connect through a regular laundry and shower service. The people who bring this service to life are our volunteers; they are empathetic listeners and great conversationalists, ready to lend a helping hand. We sat down with volunteer team member Adam, to hear about his journey with Orange Sky.

“Hi my name is Adam and I am a general volunteer on the Wednesday afternoon shift in Christchurch. I help support the volunteer team, give our friends clean clothes, warm showers and help ease the load for them. 

It was such an easy process to apply to volunteer, and is perfectly in line with my values, my lifestyle and what I believe in. The time that I can volunteer is convenient and it is such a tangible way to help the community, you can directly see the impact immediately and it feels good to go home after you have provided support to our friends. 

[Before volunteering], my perceptions of what homelessness was and the reality is very different. The diversity of our friends shows a wide variety of people who need the service; no one is too far removed from getting in line for accessing clean clothes – it is a place that is open to everyone. 

I feel [Orange Sky] is important for our friends to have a place to come and chat. Human connection is so important; for some, it is possibly the only conversation they have had all week. Shift gives our friends an outlet to express their views on the world or just talk in general, it is really important.

I always believe in this saying – volunteering will set you free. Everyone has an hour to do something positive for the community, it really puts things into perspective, and provides you access to things you would not normally see.”

Adam is one of the 300+ volunteers who help to provide Kiwis doing it tough with access to free laundry services,  and of course, genuine conversation.

December 5th marks a very special day in the Orange Sky calendar – International Volunteer Day. It’s an opportunity to celebrate our remarkable team of volunteers and the work they do each day to positively connect communities through washing, showers and most importantly, genuine, non-judgmental conversations. 

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