At Orange Sky, we’re all about collaborative partnerships (it’s even one of our core values). We work alongside some of the best service providers in Auckland, so that friends who are already accessing support services or stopping in for a meal can also get their laundry done and have a warm shower. We currently partner with seven different organisations to provide a safe, welcoming and supportive environment for people who might not have anywhere else to go. 41,600 New Zealanders are experiencing homelessness. Providing support to everyone who needs it is a big job, but by working together and collaborating as a community, we can provide better outcomes for our friends on the street.

Orange Sky operates three shifts a week alongside Auckland City Mission, who support thousands of people doing it tough every year through unique and specialised health and social services.

Auckland City Mission staff regularly sit down on our six orange chairs and share a conversation with volunteers and friends. It’s an incredible way to show that we’re working towards the same goal and are passionate about connecting people in a coordinated way.

“Orange Sky, I consider to be a blessing in the sense where a lot of our guys can’t shower here physically at the Auckland City Mission. So when you guys come with your truck, our guys are usually waiting for you guys to rock up. I think it was a good partnership that we’ve done this for Auckland City Mission and Orange Sky, where we can provide that need for the majority of our clients who use the services.” – Karma, Auckland City Mission.

Sunday Blessings

When the Orange Sky van pulls up at the Auckland Library on a Sunday afternoon, there can be more than 150 people lined up for food with the amazing Sunday Blessings. Danielle and her team make sure they can feed everyone and give out what is left over. It is a wonderful environment where people can get their washing done, have a shower, grab some food and most importantly – sit down for a super genuine conversation.

“We are so grateful and blessed because Orange Sky has been here with us from day one. The concept that you have brought has been amazing. One thing that impressed me the most is that not only are you providing a great service but also, the people that are there, are sitting there having conversations for a few hours.

Your volunteers genuinely show enthusiasm about getting to know someone. Most people don’t want to do that because they feel intimidated and don’t want to vibe with our friends that really get ignored in society. These are the people that no-one wants to speak to and therefore need to be talked to the most and from what I can see Orange Sky is doing that.” – Danielle

Everybody Eats

Every Monday night, we operate our laundry and shower service alongside Everybody Eats – an amazing charity that takes food that would otherwise go to waste and turns it into restaurant quality, 3-course meals. Customers can pay whatever they like, from large donations to nothing at all. Founder Nicholas Loosley said he was trying to solve three problems; food waste, food poverty, and probably the most important one, social isolation.

“We’re bringing together different people from the community and asking them to share a delicious meal in each other’s company. Food for me is the most powerful tool we have for bringing people together. It’s common ground for everyone… so that’s our tool to get people to connect.

I’ve seen lawyers wearing suits sitting opposite bare foot people who have lived on the streets for decades sharing a conversation over a bowl of hot soup. There’s lots of different stories, some people come and they dine together, some people come purposefully on their own so that they can meet someone new every week. There’s definitely a lot of amazing connection coming out of it.”

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