It’s been nearly two months since we launched our third service in New Zealand, and we’ve already seen the impact of what another set of wheels can do across Auckland!

Supported by Simplicity Charitable Trust, a second laundry and shower van is now making its way around the streets of Auckland, allowing us to increase our weekly shifts from 17 to 25.

From the launch of our very first van ‘Sudsy’ in Australia back in 2014, to our two vans in New Zealand, Hugo and Hudson, every Orange Sky van is given a name. With the arrival of our new Auckland van, we asked the community to help us pick a name by recognising and celebrating a fellow New Zealander. We received some incredible submissions, with judging currently underway to decide whose name will live permanently on our bright new orange van! Stay tuned for the announcement later this month.

So, why Auckland?

There are more than 41,000 Kiwis doing it tough, and nearly half (43.9%) of those people reside in Auckland alone. This includes people without shelter, and those living in temporary accommodation, shared accommodation and uninhabitable housing (2018 Severe Housing Deprivation Estimate – updated).

Orange Sky operates 38 services across Australia and New Zealand, and Auckland is consistently our busiest service across the fleet when it comes to the number of loads of laundry and warm showers that our volunteers provide. 

Orange Sky New Zealand Operations Manager, Eddie Uini said the addition of a third van would help the team manage the ongoing demand, as Kiwis continue to endure the impacts of the pandemic.

“The last 12 months has really brought Aotearoa’s homelessness to the forefront and we have witnessed a strong demand from friends, especially here in Auckland,” he said.

“We know the past year has been particularly challenging as more people struggle to pay for basics like food and rent. A survey we conducted recently with YouGov found that in the past 12 months, one in five Kiwis have struggled to make ends meet each and every week.

“With the addition of a second van, we’ve been able to operate in more locations, and help more friends in the community who are struggling financially and/or socially.”

What’s next for Orange Sky?

In line with Orange Sky’s five year vision, we’re planning to triple our impact and help more than 40,000 friends across New Zealand and Australia by 2025. Since launching our first service in Auckland back in 2018, we’ve been planning for how we can grow our impact to support more Kiwis experiencing homelessness.

​​In 2022, we have plans to expand our reach across New Zealand and welcome a fourth service to support those doing it tough. To keep up-to-date on all things Orange Sky and our expansion plans, be sure to follow us on socials.

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